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Re: [refpolicy] [PATCH] revise roles/dbadm.te (Re: dbadm.pp is not available in selinux-policy package)
by KaiGai Kohei
13 years, 10 months
Apache/PHP mail function SELinux permissions
by Ted Rule
13 years, 11 months
[ANN] Linux Security Summit 2010 - Announcement and CFP
by James Morris
14 years
selinux and kickstart
by irfan irfan
14 years
Why boolean didn't work?
by 朱健伟
14 years
Re: sandbox complaint
by mark
14 years
sandbox complaint
by mark
14 years
Fedora 13 autorelabel
by Vadym Chepkov
14 years
userhelper consolehelper role
by Matthew Ife
14 years
Re: Device nodes have no type when booting a 2.6.32.*.fc12 kernel [SOLVED]
by Karl-Michael Schneider
14 years
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