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Thu Feb 18 09:21:17 UTC 2010


I agree with you that we should review who on our online vendors page are 
reliable and up to date and clean up the list, but I have a few comments with 
what you have written below.

On Wed 17 February 2010 11:51:36 pm Gerold wrote:
> Also imho a vendor who sells fedora media (expect the free media project)
> should donate us with the revenue he earns with "our" stuff (Code,
> Artwork, usage of Trademark etc.). 

"Our" stuff (I use the term "our" very lightly because the vast majority of 
our code comes from upstream) is available under a license which is 
specifically designed to _NOT_ require such things. 
Barring the usage of our trademark, we simply cannot require distributors to 
donate. If someone wants to sell the Fedora distribution for a profit, I say 
more power to them, so long as they respect our trademark either via a TLA or 
removing the branding. I'd quote bits and pieces of the TLA but I'm a little 
tired :)

> But that's only my opinion; also my
> opinion is that there should be only FEDORA where you get medias OR
> official authorized PARTNER (!= vendor) ...

Again, why? How? Isn't that kind of against the whole "give freely, share with 
your brother, remix and reuse" mantra of Free and Open Source Software? In 
fact, depending on how you look at this, it could be in violation of the GNU 
GPL and possibly other licenses (discrimination against any group or usage) 
Plus it seems very hypocritical of us to limit the use of code like GNOME and 
X and the kernel which do not limit what their users can do with the software. 
What if GNOME or KDE or any other entity started limiting who can redistribute 
their software and under what terms they can do that? Or required donating or 
placed a big "should" for donating any profit back to their development team?

That is just, imo, a bad idea. It gives a bad impression on people who may be 
interested in spreading the distro, whether it is for profit or not.

Good night,

Ryan Rix
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