Online Vendors List

susmit shannigrahi thinklinux.ssh at
Thu Feb 18 11:19:36 UTC 2010

>>> do we need such pages at all
Trademark guidelines allow third parties to sell fedora.
So it may be convenient to keep such a page.

> IMHO there must be one place to get Media and for which we as Fedora
> Project need to take care for:
> - $COUNTRY /get-fedora
> and it's mirror!

I am not sure what do you mean.
Do you mean we don't need the offline vendors at all?
There are countries, say India where bandwidth charges are exorbitant
and there are vendors who sell it from 20INR.
In fact, we are thinking of promoting them better so to make number of
freemedia requests less.

> Also imho a vendor who sells fedora media (expect the free media project)
> should donate us with the revenue he earns with "our" stuff (Code,
> Artwork, usage of Trademark etc.). But that's only my opinion; also my
> opinion is that there should be only FEDORA where you get medias OR
> official authorized PARTNER (!= vendor) ...

Yes, ideally they should donate us something.
But the licensing (GPL and most others) and current trademark
guidelines  *does* allow others to sell Fedora (and the codes)

I think if we keep a tab on them and list their prices against their
listing, they will be forced to bring down the prices.



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