2010-09-02 MEETING PROPOSAL: discussion on Annual User Survey

Jon Masters jonathan at jonmasters.org
Thu Sep 2 18:37:50 UTC 2010

On Thu, 2010-09-02 at 09:49 -0700, Robyn Bergeron wrote:

> So asking things like:
> What do you want Fedora to be in a year? (a) A desktop distribution,
> (b) a server distribution, (c) a developer oriented distribution, or
> (d) a nice hat (thank you, Nirik, for that classic answer)
> ... would be something that really implies a voting or at least
> opining type poll. Opening that door is just bad form, unless that's
> what you're specifically trying to do.

I agree with your points, except that I think the driver example isn't
ideal. That's a concern spot happened to raise, but it is far from the
biggest concern here. We should perhaps include a question on that.

Rather than asking "do you want Fedora to be a Server, Desktop, POS?"
which implies perhaps a loaded statement, I would like to ask things
like "how often do you update your system?", "are you satisfied with the
quality of Fedora updates?", and "do you prefer consistent experience or
new features when receiving updates?" (that needs better wording). I am
more interested in knowing how people feel about updates, what they use
Fedora for, etc. We could also include a freeform comment box where
people can include anything they would like to note on future direction
- I think we *should* include that option to let people voice concerns.


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