How have the Steering Committees made things better ?

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Fri Sep 3 04:21:05 UTC 2010


I guess the advisory-board list is as good as it gets if I wanted to 
have a wider group discussing the point. So, here goes.

My view, which I admit could be way off target, has been that the 
various Steering Committees within Fedora are 'enablers'. Or, in other 
words, they discuss, indulge in discourse and decide but with a simple 
objective - to make Fedora better. This could be extrapolated in terms 
of processes, technology, choices, goals and so forth.

The point that I was pondering over for a couple of weeks is whether we 
actually do go back and ask the *SCo(s) to look inwards and ask as to 
what positive change they have brought forth. And, is that well 
articulated amongst the constituents of the project. As much as such 
change is a factor of the *SCo leadership team it is also a factor of 
how much the cross *SCo vision/goal sharing happens. Do the *SCo(s) have 
a formal process of discussing amongst themselves, the Board and the 
Fedora Project Leader at reasonably frequent intervals taking stock of 
the direction of the project ?

So, have we really sat down and tried to assess how the Steering 
Committees have made things better ?


sankarshan mukhopadhyay

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