Fedora Board Recap 2011-01-03

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Mon Jan 3 20:26:25 UTC 2011


= Board Meeting =
03 January 2010

== Roll Call ==

=== Present ===

* Toshio Kuratomi
* Jared Smith
* Joerg Simon (gobby only)
* Jaroslav Reznik
* David Nalley
* Rex Dieter
* Jon Stanley
* Tom Callaway
* Stephen Smoogen (late)

=== Absent ===
* Mo Duffy

=== Regards ===

* Assigned Secretary: Mo Duffy
* Substitute Secretary: Rex Dieter

== Agenda ==
Board business

=== Updates ===
* Catch up after the holidays and festivities
** Contributor issue with regards to possible trademark violation
*** Spot working with Red Hat Legal to help resolve the issue, as 
they're a Red Hat partner
** Slight clarification on the trademark guidelines with regards to 
theming (dropped the word "desktop" in front of "applications")

=== Board Business ===
* Welcome David Nalley to the Board
* Ticket 94: Revisit concept of IRC meetings/Board transparency
Concerns have been expressed that the Board does not operate as 
transparently as it possibly could. This discussion is around finding 
means to increase that level of transparency.
** https://fedorahosted.org/board/ticket/94
** Previously, there were twice monthly IRC meeting and phone meetings 
were Board business but there was a backlog so it was changed to weekly 
phone and bi-weekly Board "chats" with community
** Proposal (from Spot): First meeting every month is phone meeting. 
Define topics to be discussed at second meeting which is an IRC meeting 
(half dedicated to the agenda, half dedicated to open Q and A)
*** Addition (jsmith): Mechanism to add things that come up in IRC
** Pros and Cons of moving more Board business to IRC
** Possibly use Fedora Talk to allow others to listen to (some?) phone 
calls -- and have complete logs of calls
** Proposal(rdieter): flip flop between phone and IRC meetings
*** If we have IRC Board meetings need structure:
**** Agenda
**** Topics (via meetbot)
**** leader/moderator keeps us all on topic
Action: (spot): Will design a meeting protocol for IRC
** Proposal(jreznik): phone calls recording
*** Action Item: jsmith to work on the Fedora Talk server
*** Action Item: jsmith to investigate dial-in numbers (DIDs or DDIs) in 
other parts of the world (jreznik to help with the Czech Rep.)
*** private topics? todo: figure how to make sure no private issues are 
made public
**** All Board members would need to know what things can't go out 
publically/only be talked about in exectutive session
**** Luckily, those issues are few and far between
**** https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Board_public_IRC_meetings

* The Board Goals for the coming year topic
** Next step -- let's talk with fesco/famsco about what they like so 
that we can narrow it down.
** Invite the folks to a meeting
*** We'll try to have two meetings, one with fesco, one with famsco
Action: jds2001 will start talking to fesco
Action: ke4qqq and JoergSimon will start talking to famsco
** Clarify what the goals mean (in terms of work, who does it, etc)
*** Goals affirmed (hopefully) by the SCo's and plans for next steps in 
achieving them.
Action: Have a governance hackfest at fudcon to make some strawman 
proposals for how Fedora is governed
** We need to get better with logistics and budget management outside the US
*** Budget has traditionally been managed between FAMSCo and Red Hat's 
community architecture team, and not by the Board
*** Certainly this is a topic that can be discussed at FUDCon as well 
(JoergSimon will prepare that topic for FUDCon)

* Any other business?

=== Other notes ===
* Next meeting: Friday, January 7th (IRC meeting / office hours)
** jsmith to send an email to announce, devel-announce, and users to get 
more community input on Board goals

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