Remaining issues for the multi desktop DVD

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at
Thu Jan 13 20:21:29 UTC 2011

Am Donnerstag, den 13.01.2011, 14:56 -0500 schrieb Tom Callaway:

> Christoph,

Hi Spot,

thanks for your attempt to bring this down to a reasonable list.

> Assuming that you're still pursuing trademark permission for a Fedora 14
> based version of the Multi-Desktop DVD, could you please present, as
> requested, 

As requested? When and where? Some of the things have already been
brought up by individuals, but not by the board as such.

> the following:
> * Proposed media artwork for the Multi-Desktop DVD

In the past the workflow was that the board first approves a spin and
then the artwork is created. Usually the spin is approved when the
artwork for the release is not yet available. Has this changed and where
is this change documented?

The artwork will be based on the DVD install artwork, only some changes
to the text. The exact wording is to come from Jared, who kindly offered
his help as a native English speaker

> * Proposed media-sleeve artwork for the Multi-Desktop DVD

I can provide it as soon as I get reply from the design team.

> * Screenshots of Boot Screens for the Multi-Desktop DVD

I did already provide them.

> * Documented sign-off from Fedora Release Engineering that they are
> willing, ready and able to generate the images for the Multi-Desktop DVD

I feel like I'm not in the position to request a sign-off from rel-eng.
There is no documented workflow to get something like this and I would
expect the board to approach the design team and say: Hey, the
ambassadors want this, many people put a lot of work in it, so please
make it happen.

> * Documented sign-off from Fedora Quality Assuarance that they have
> received and approved a QA test plan for the Multi-Desktop DVD and have
> reviewed that the test plan was executed without issue.

There is no clearly defined workflow for this one ether but Adam already
indicated that he is fine with my suggestions.

> * A list of the SRPMs used in the creation of the Multi-Desktop ISO
> image (in this case, a collation of the list of SRPMs that make up each
> incorporated spin would be sufficient)

As mentioned several times before the spin will only contain of ISOs, in
the DVD level there is not a single RPM involved. The lists of packages
of the should be available from

But hey, it's not! Nobody updated it for ages but still spins were
approved and new physical media were created. I cannot see why I am the
one to do the work others (rel-eng?) did not do since F9.

I will try to come up with the things I can make happen, but some things
are just outside my scope and I have asked the board several times to
help me with them. So far this has not happened.


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