Fedora Board Recap 2011-10-11

Rex Dieter rdieter at math.unl.edu
Tue Oct 11 17:51:07 UTC 2011


=== Present ===
Jared Smith
Peter Robinson
Rudi Swanepoel
Guillermo Gómez
Jon Stanley
Jaroslav Reznik
Toshio Kuratomi
Rex Dieter (secretary)

=== Absent ===
Joerg Simon

=== Regards ===

== Agenda ==
* Status updates
* Statistics discussion
* Spins discussion
* Elections
* Open Q&A

== Status updates ==

* F17 release name announcement... "Beefy Miracle" won the election
* FUDCon Milan was a success
* FUDCon India is coming up in just a few weeks
* and last but not least, FUDCon North America is in January

== Statistics discussion ==
* is anybody actually using the data we collect?
* are we measuring the right things?

== Spins discussion ==
* At FUDCon Milan, Christoph Wickert gave a presentation on the Spins 
process, where we've (collectively) failed, and how it can be improved
* Slides from his presentation are at 
* the board is generally in favor of and supportive of the the changes 
proposed in cwickert's presentation

== Elections ==
* missed some advisory deadlines already, 
* jsmith will cook up a formal schedule for review
* discussed various ideas and strategies to simplify, streamline 
elections process, particularly to avoid schedule slips.

== Q&A ==
Not much time left for additional Q&A

== IRC Log ==
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