[Ambassadors] Fedora booth at FrOSCamp / FUDCon

Gerold gerold at lugd.org
Wed Aug 18 14:01:39 UTC 2010

> Dear Gerold.
> you, as directly working at the ETH Zuerich (where FROSCamp takes also
>> place) are definitly the best choice to take over ownership; I thought.
>> All other possible Ambassadors, (also me) are not located in Zuerich and
>> will have much trouble for organizing that booth.
> As we are responsible for FUDCon AND FrOSCamp, we definitly got enough
> other
> tasks to do on that weekend and won't have that much time hanging around
> at
> a booth. Sorry.
> --
> Greets
> Marcus
It's a pity, yes ...
Wish you good luck to find somebody. We'll see us maybe then at FUDCon or
on Monday visiting the CERN ...

All the Best

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