[Ambassadors] Helping UP Institute of Chemistry

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Sun Jul 11 10:43:02 UTC 2010

> * Can you think of anything that's missing? Thoughts so far:

Notes from a conversation in #fedora-ambassadors just now with rsc:

* We need a clearer picture of what this will look like. What, exactly, 
is the cost? What, exactly, is the benefit to Fedora? These sorts of 
things should be on the budget request to Ambassadors.
* Try negotiating with the university so that we *don't* have to pay a 
booth fee. Argument: our presence with our booth is our free time, our 
hobby, just fun - and that we don't have to do this - even if we like to 
do that. We're already bringing them the benefit of a "Fedora Chemistry 
* Idea: Propose that Fedora pay for the production of media, but that we 
don't put forth the booth donation (we get the booth for free), and 
instead set up a donation bucket where people can (optionally) pitch a 
few pesos in for the CD they're picking up, and the proceeds from that 
go to the university at the end of the night in lieu of us paying a 
sponsorship fee for the booth.
* Question: If we do sponsor the event, is Fedora getting mentioned 
somewhere in the event publicity? Fedora has given money to events in 
the past, but it needs to be a successful event and we need to get 
something in return (publicity, etc).

Herson, your thoughts as event owner?


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