[Ambassadors] Media discount = sponsoring?

Jukka Palander jukka at devspain.com
Fri Jul 30 14:07:25 UTC 2010

This is quite upside-down method.

How can they judge anything if we haven't prepared the issue for them?
Or do we just trust them to judge anything without discussing first?

Normally board orders something to be done and "lower" team members do
the work and then board accepts results.

->So they are Gods and do not want to take any ideas in? Now we seem to
wait the board to make some decisions first and then we give input into
their statement (and then it goes into another round to make
decisions).. Bit byrocratic -70s method?

Just wondering... I'm over and out from this now, hope some of the board
members did saw this thread. ..and yes, I do really hope we can have
some good sponsors involved!


On Fri, 2010-07-30 at 15:35 +0200, Mathieu Bridon wrote:
> On 07/30/2010 03:28 PM, Jukka Palander wrote:
> >
> > We (Ambassadors also) drive the board! Or are they some kind of Gods not
> > taking any advice into an account?
> We elected them, which means we trust them to use their best judgement 
> and take sound decisions.
> So maybe you should wait for one of them to actually make a statement 
> and ask for community input, right now this discussion is going nowhere.

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