[Ambassadors] New regional Ambassador Mentors

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Tue Nov 9 12:17:26 UTC 2010

Dear Bert,

> <sspreitzer at fedoraproject.org> wrote:
>>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/User:Mmoeller/Ambassador_mentoring_proposal
>> Perfect! I like this, it takes out the todays chain of command and
>> transforms it into a collaborate and have fun thing.
>> Thank you Marcus, you have my support.
> I'm sorry Sascha, but I can't agree with this.
> I've mentored a lot of people before in small ways, without me having
> the title. Of course that is possible, if someone has a question on
> how do something, or you encourage people to do stuff, go to places,
> give him opportunities, ...
> this all could be described as a mentor job. But the best mentors are
> mentors you "don't see".
> For example: Lougaroublond was my mentor. not officially, I just
> started to talking to him because I had a question, and he helped me a
> lot. And no, he didn't have this title. Also yesterday there was a guy
> who was asking what he could do for the fedora project, I showed him
> around, explained him what we do, how we do it. I did that because he
> asked for help, not because I'm a mentor now, or something else.

That's exactly what I meant with the 'No need for a title' section of
the draft. The points you mentioned and your personal experience would
perfectly match into a 'The role of mentors in the Ambassadors
project' page.

> "The normal way mentors are elected is that they are choosen by FAmSCo
> on demand. This leads to the situation that ppl are sometimes told
> that there are no more mentors needed in a specific region and a few
> weeks/days later someone else is raised for that position."
> Marcus, you keep on repeating this point. things do change, and this
> is a human system, not a computer system. so there could have been a
> small mistake too. combine this 2 things together, and you come to
> valid answer for you question. But as Joerg Already pointed out
> several times, you don't ask to become a mentor, you become a mentor
> because you mentor people, without having the official mentor title +
> because they think you are fit for the job. No, it's not a fixed set
> of rules, but I don't think there should be. Because sometimes having
> a feeling about someone is much more important than a set of rules.

You spoke about 'Mentors who are not visible that much are often the
best' before. The current limitations may lead to the point that
exactly those ppl would probably not be noticed by FAmSCo and never
receive an 'official' mentor status. Maybe that's okay for most of
them but not for everyone.

I could agree that the election system itself works fine but I would
really like to see clear statements for those who have applied and
have been rejected. As Onyeibo said 'see a turn-down as a challenge
and not as an insult'.


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