[Ambassadors] New regional Ambassador Mentors

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Tue Nov 9 21:04:01 UTC 2010

Hi Christoph,

>> I am not yes sure if it's the best way to have a permanent list to
>> pick from or to have something like a call for mentors (on demand), so
>> when new mentors are needed for a specific region, this is announced
>> and ppl who are interested can raise their voice on that.
> This doesn't make a difference. You will get the people who *want* to
> become a mentor, not the people who *you* *want* to become one. You will
> get the people who *think* they can be mentors but not the people who in
> the eyes of the community can be one.

Electing ppl or raising ppl from inside a board (on base of personal
friendships or whatever) is IMHO definitely not the way things should
happen in an open ecosystem. You say you want the best from the best?
Just announce that new mentors are needed, let them put their name on
the list or propose one if you think he/she is the best for that job.

These are standard procedures which do not cause much overhead or
'make things complicated' like some might complain.

> Again, you are not saying anything on the things I mentioned. I think it
> is hard to discuss with you. I'm trying to make my points and explain my
> point of view but you just say ... basically nothing.

> Please be so kind as to respond to the questions I raise, otherwise we
> cannot make any progress in this discussion.

Sorry, the only point I get from you is that everybody could get
things done, which is obviously (always) right and which is even part
of the proposal and that FAmSCo should keep their privilege of
electing mentors from inside.

Let's open up the process and give everyone the chance to take part.

Just to note: I really don't like the tone of discussions on this list
and would like to ask at least you (Christoph) and Joerg to 'slow
down' a bit because in general I think we are heading in the same
direction and instead of blaming/fighting each other we should try to
get closer to get things done. It's not much that I want to change and
I even do not have a solution for every question. But I have much
experience with similar problems in other open source projects and I
am still in hope that Fedora is a 'bit better'.


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