[Ambassadors] How to be a Mentor?

Marcus Moeller mail at marcus-moeller.de
Fri Oct 29 18:47:59 UTC 2010

Hi again,

>> http://git.fedorahosted.org/git/?p=fama.git;a=blob_plain;f=stats/ambassadors.png
>> and we could no longer assure the quality of new candidates.
>> We trust Ambassdars with ressources - and personal trust is nothing that
>> you can put in guidelines and rulebooks. Same is for new Mentors!
> Yes, but that also means that some candidates e.g. I personally
> wouldn't have rejected, have been.

and just another side-note: I see much more in mentoring, than
deciding who fulfils the needs of being an ambassadors (and that's
what I have discussed with Mathieu at FUDCon EMEA and is the also part
of the first sentence on the Ambassadors Mentor page:

"Mentors are experienced ambassadors who can help you quickly become
acclimated to the work expected of Ambassadors"

e.g. from my personal experience I felt quiet lost after joining
Ambassadors (in days where you Joerg was the only one who managed the
whole process). I got good contacts to Christoph who then helped me
somewhat to get started, which saved me somewhat.

I know the process has been improved somewhat, so why not lift it up
one level (to how to become a Mentor)?


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