[Ambassadors] FAMSCo 2011 Election Result

Neville A. Cross neville at taygon.com
Thu Dec 8 19:35:41 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-12-07 at 23:56 -0500, David Ramsey wrote:

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> I could not open the following 5 files.
> famsco_survey_APAC.pdf        20-Jul-2011 02:45  4.0M  
> famsco_survey_EMEA.pdf        20-Jul-2011 02:46  4.0M  
> famsco_survey_LATAM.pdf       20-Jul-2011 02:47  4.0M  
> famsco_survey_NA.pdf          20-Jul-2011 02:47  3.9M  
> Fedora_Ambassadors_Survey.pdf 16-Jul-2011 04:43  4.1M  
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I was really worried when I saw that there was problems with the files.
First because some time ago I had a problem with permissions. Some how I
messed up and some files uploaded were forbidden for accessing from the
web. Second, because those file have been hanging there for a long time
(long standing error). I just checked and I was able to open them. I did
not have to correct anything to open them. If any body still have
problems, I can send them by email on request.

The responses to the survey were low, so the responses have to be taken
as anecdotal and not statistical. There is useful information about what
some people think, but not enough people to said that represent overall
what ambassadors think. 

I think that we have more people, more ways to interact and more
specific niches of collaboration (even within the ambassador team). So,
it is some how logic that some people write emails, others hang on IRC,
others vote and not everyone is on all channels. So the grow it is not
reflected the same on different instances, like voting. I do not want to
force people to vote. Furthemore, with a flat structure and a high level
of autonomy, for a lot of ambassadors it does not make much difference
who is at Famsco.

I feel that I did a warm job at Famsco. Not bad, but not great either.
No enough people think is that bad as to change the way things are being
doing... No enough people think is that great as to parade showing

In other hand, I think that probably will be useful to review how the
ambassadors have been performing on things that are core to the team.
Like for example how many events, and how many of those were properly
reported. That it is more relevant for fedora project than if everybody

In any case, I would like to see ideas to increase vote interest that
does not include compulsory voting. Specially because I have none.

Best regards

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