[Ambassadors] Ambassador Group Role for 2011 - was [FAmSCo] almost done with current year's budget

Jesús Franco tezcatl at fedoraproject.org
Sat Feb 12 07:04:22 UTC 2011

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Hmmm, i think my comment messed feelings a little bit, so please forgive
me if i pushed badly the things. I agree in many points you are taking
here, so please let me reply once an let the thread going.

El 11/02/11 23:03, Caius 'kaio' Chance escribió:
> I also agree with Neville and Larry. IMHO why don't we accept someone to
> express their loves of Fedora before he/she has contributed to any other
> Fedora sub-projects?

+1 Let's not reject candidates because they have not contributed before
to any FOSS project, or he/she tried but it didn't fit his/her mindset.

> I have a 14 years young
> Fedora ambassador candidate, who does not even own his computer and all he
> can play with Fedora is to create a virtual machine on his father's laptop.

Oh man, i'd love have known Fedora so young, it is perfect to youngest
feelings discovering freedom and solidarity, engaging in a creative
project as Fedora is.

> Should we keep him out of the fun Fedora had been giving him and reject his
> help for telling everyone he meets how good Fedora is?

Of course not.

> K410
> 2011/2/12 Larry Cafiero <larry.cafiero at gmail.com>
>> And I think it's a good
>> practice for Ambassadors and Mentors -- especially Mentors -- to guide those
>> who may have a special talent or interest to match the Ambassador with the
>> department in Fedora that best suits him or her.

Also, Classroom-like initiatives should be encouraged to let folks share
their knowledge with their Fedora fellows, and users likely to start
their collaboration with Fedora/FLOSS at large.

>> One thing that hasn't been discussed -- or I missed it -- is that many
>> people who want to participate in Fedora and don' t know where to start
>> usually start in Ambassadors and make their way to QA or other departments
>> on the programming/engineering side because they do have the skill set.

We need translators and writers of documentation, too. Wiki gardenening
is a contribution not so gorgeous as professional design or writing a
full new guide, adopting packages and so on. But look at what last
FAmSCo did with Ambassadors join process, slicing big convoluted pages
into doable items, page by page, step by step.

>> While we end up "losing" them in Ambassadors, they usually find a home in
>> some other part of Fedora, and that's a win for us.
>> Larry Cafiero
>> On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 6:30 PM, Neville A. Cross <neville at taygon.com>wrote:
>>> I fully understand why may be useful for an ambassador to start
>>> somewhere else as fedora contributor and later become ambassador.

It is easier than having a CV full of experience as organizer of events,
but that is my own POV & experience joining the project.

>>> There
>>> are several reason for that I agree with the statement. What I like to
>>> sugest is not make it a rule. My only reason for saying so, it because
>>> otherwise I wouldn't be here.

That's my same case.

>>> and I wanted to spread Fedora so I joined Ambassadors. I am not ashamed
>>> of my starts on the project just as a "talk-giver" and event organizer.

Of course i'm not saying it is a bad thing having the skills to
communicate effectively with people, what Fedora is. I'm not ashamed
too, than i just begun translating some pages of Fedora wiki.

>>> I feel that my role as ambassador is to direct people to contribute with
>>> fedora where their talents may be more useful.

However, since my choosing of who i'd like to be my mentor, i liked a
lot the idea of Maria Gracia Leandro (Tatica*), about earning our wings
(as i understood it), working as contributors of Fedora first, then
applying for Ambassadors group, having understood some basics of Fedora
in order to be able to guide people to the subproject they could fit.

>>> Ambassador role is about undersatnding the project as a
>>> whole, and about soft skills dealing with people.

That soft skills is where i sucks, i think ;)

>>> You may gain some
>>> insight on the project joining one team, but that will be not enough. It
>>> is a ongoing task for every day.

Yes, as Fedora Ambassadors project page says "we know Fedora is big and

>>> So, let's help people to help us. Let's direct people to different parts
>>> of the project. But please don't discard people that may be useful on
>>> ambassador team just because they haven't been able to engage in other
>>> tasks.

Or because they are struggling to become event organizers and efficient

>>> --
>>> Neville

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