[Ambassadors] Join us at LinuxTag 2011 in Berlin!

Christoph Wickert christoph.wickert at googlemail.com
Tue Mar 22 09:09:52 UTC 2011

Am Montag, den 21.03.2011, 23:44 +0100 schrieb Christoph Wickert:

> IMPORTANT NOTE: We have limited the number of contributors to 10. Only
> the first 10 persons who enter their names in the wiki will get funding
> for travel and hotel from Fedora. Of course you are still welcome to
> join us if you are not one of the first 10 people and we are happy to
> help you with the hotel rooms and all that. You can even apply for
> funding through the usual channels [1], but we cannot guarantee you get
> it because LinuxTag tends to be an expensive event for Fedora. Whoever
> receives founding needs to help out at the Fedora booth.

I received some private emails and instead of answering them one by one
I'd like to add something here:

Even if you are one of the first 10 people to sign up on the wiki page,
we cannot really *guarantee* you get funding. On the other hand this
means you can still sign up with a number > 10 and receive funding
because other people may not be accepted. At some point we will however
close the list and not accept any more sponsored attendees. You then can
receive funding only from Community Architecture if you are granted an
exception, but not from FAmSCo. Or you can join us if you can pay for

Confusing? Let me explain a bit:

Because this is an event in EMEA, we prefer to have ambassadors from
EMEA. We had some other folks in the past, but their funding often was
quite expensive and was only granted on an individual basis. We even had
to disappoint honored and active ambassadors like my good friend Kushal
from India.

If you are not from EMEA you still have a chance to Berlin. Fedora is an
worldwide community and we'd like to show this by having some
contributors from other countries with us.

Most of the audience is German, so you should be able to speak either
German or fluent English.

Whenever you sign up and need funding, you still need to apply through
the channels mentioned in the wiki and the ambassadors (FAmSCo) are to
decide. There are a few criteria that are important for us:
      * Why do you want to go to LinuxTag? What is your specific goal?
      * Are you working on something special in Fedora and want to meet
        other contributors in Berlin?
      * What have you been doing in the past for your local community?
        What are your plans for the future?
      * What events did you attend in the past? Can you show us some of
        your event reports?
      * Who is your mentor? FAmSCo might want to hear his/her thoughts
        about sponsoring you before making a decision.
      * Do you also work for anther project that is on Linuxtag? If so,
        can they take over (parts of) your funding?
      * How much funding do you need for travel?

All these criteria (and some more) are outlined in the wiki at

Please try to cover them when you file a ticket in FAmSCo's trac as
described in http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Reimbursements

Please also CC me to this ticket so the event owners of Linuxtag know
what's going on and can plan accordingly.

Sorry if my initial announcement was too optimistic. We would like to
have all of you with us in Berlin, but we simply don't have the
resources to do so.


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