[Ambassadors] R: FUDCon Milan 2011 BID

Joerg Simon jsimon at fedoraproject.org
Mon Mar 28 08:58:30 UTC 2011

On 03/28/2011 10:42 AM, Vittorio Memmo wrote:
> Hi Francesco
> I'm planning to participate to the FUDCon of June (17-19).
> We'll keep in touch for the latest news about!

there is not yet a decission when and where the next FUDCon will take place.

Jared has taken ownership to make the decission together with FUDCon
Planning Group, FAmSCo and others.

here are again all bids

Dublin (Ireland)

Milan (Italy)

Budapest (Hungary)

Zurich (Switzerland)

cu Joerg
Joerg (kital) Simon
jsimon at fedoraproject.org
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