[Ambassadors] Fedora at Northeast GNU/Linux fest

Greg I Kerr kerr.g at husky.neu.edu
Mon Oct 17 23:23:37 UTC 2011

Hi Robyn,

Thanks for the heads up. As long as I have not moved to silicon valley
before then I would be happy to man a Fedora table at this event. I should
know more about my future situation in the coming weeks.



2011/10/17 Robyn Bergeron <rbergero at redhat.com>

>  FYI! It seems like next year is already here, planning-wise. :)
> -Robyn
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> Hello list,
> I'm putting on the second annual Northeast GNU/Linux fest at Worcester
> State University. Since it is at a University the  majority of people
> that will be attending are computer science majors or students
> interested in technology.  It would be great if Fedora was there at a
> table to represent Fedora at the conference. If someone can go you can
> have a free table. Here is the website
> http://www.northeastlinuxfest.org
> Thanks for your time and help.
> --Jonathan Nadeau
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