[Ambassadors] North American Events in March

inode0 inode0 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 20 01:54:31 UTC 2012

We need to get our March events into better shape than most are in
currently as soon as possible. Here is a list of March events
(including some that we may or may not attend), none of which yet have
event pages on the wiki as far as I can tell.

PyCon US is going to be attended by a number of Fedora contributors
who aren't in the ambassador group. If I could get a volunteer to
create an events page on the wiki and "own" this event that would be a
small task where any ambassador could make a contribution. This event
will require no funding or travel from the FAmNA budget so we really
just need a general page with information about the event recording
who is attending and what swag we are providing.

PyCon US 2012, Mar 7-15, Santa Clara, CA

chanchito is handling the Northeast Linux Fest (NELF) but perhaps
could use some help in getting an event page created for it. Much of
the groundwork organizing this event is complete thanks to Mario's
good work.

Northeast Linux Fest 2012, Mar 17, Worcester, MA

ABLEconf was an event we attended last year that is waiting for an
owner. I think we are only interested in someone from the local
community running this event if there is a local contributor available
who wants to do it. If we don't have someone by this week's meeting I
think we'll cross it off our list and give our attention to larger

ABLEconf 2012, Mar 24, Tempe, AZ

LIbrePlanet is an event we would really like to find an owner for
before it is too late. Anyone in the Boston or Northeast part of the
country interested in this one?

LibrePlanet 2012, Mar 24-25, Boston, MA

POSSCON also needs an owner. This is an important event so please
consider adopting it if you are in the that part of the country. ***
We may have an owner identified for this one now. ***

POSSCON 2012, Mar 27-29, Columbia, SC

I'm going to leave all of these on the meeting agenda for this week
with the hope that we can decide which if any to orphan and get the
rest of them moving forward as they are all coming up next month!


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