[Ambassadors] conference request

mario juliano grande balletta mario.balletta at gmail.com
Fri Jan 27 21:46:48 UTC 2012

I never heard any feedback about this conference.  Should I assume
we're not interested?

Also, I am requesting some help with getting banners and table covers
and other booth/conferencing supplies for the linux fest in March.

Does anyone know how I can request these items?  I will pay if
necessary, and for shipping both ways.

On Fri, Jan 20, 2012 at 10:23 AM, mario juliano grande balletta
<mario.balletta at gmail.com> wrote:
> Greetings All!
> Thank you for the wonderful time and hospitality at the FUDcon in
> Balcksburg!  It was a great way to start 2012!  I wanted to ask the
> group for some advice and also for some help.  The largest technology
> conference tailored for women in our field is the Grace Hopper
> Conference, sponsored by the Anita Borg foundation.
> This year, the event is in Baltimore, Maryland.  The dates are from
> October 03-06, 2012 at the Baltimore Conference Center.
> I would like some of the experienced female members of Fedora Project
> to join me at this conference.  I have requested sponsorship.  My
> theme leading into the event focuses on the parallels between the
> growth of Linux, despite obstacles and outright opposition,
> historically along side the progress of women in technology.
> I would like some ideas and also support for attending this event.  It
> is strongly supported by major executives, and corporate sponsors.
> One day is dedicated entirely to Open Source and women involved with
> Open Source.
> I believe Fedora benefits in the following ways:
> 1) this event is designed to support an often
> overlooked/disenfranchised segment of technology, which we can embrace
> and shoulder future support
> 2) female executives from major companies, also decision makers attend
> this event, it is widely known to female professionals
> 3) the exposure opportunity is tremendous, the list of companies in
> attendance is large;
> http://gracehopper.org/2011/sponsorship/current-sponsors/
> 4) this conference has been in operation and growing since 1994!
> http://gracehopper.org/2011/about/history-of-the-conference/
> 5) typical attendance hovers between 1500-2500, with attendees from
> over 20 countries and each year over 300 scholarships are donated to
> select female students
> 6) one example of name dropping:  Barbara Liskov, Institute Professor
> Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, MIT;  she
> is a regular attendee!
> 7) a dedicated day devoted to Open Source:
> http://gracehopper.org/2010/conference/open-source-track/ (our chance
> for the Fedora Women to shine!)
> 8) check out the sponsorship levels:
> http://gracehopper.org/2011/sponsorship/logistics-for-sponsors/   ( we
> can tailor our exposure )
> In conclusion, it is an opportunity to draw more attention from a
> community desiring interaction, acceptance and inclusion into the
> industry mainstream, at a much larger level than just exceptional
> executives, but as a group, which is how the Fedora foundations of
> friends, freedom and our strong community can really make an impact
> and lasting impression so that Fedora and its' community are seen as a
> resource, a viable option, a choice, that offers open doors and arms
> to everyone!
> I am positive we will not only recruit talented volunteers, but also
> make important contacts leading to investigation and adoption of Open
> Source, namely Fedora.
> Please give this some serious consideration.  Obviously, I will help
> financially as much as possible to make the event successful.  We have
> lots of time to prepare in advance!  Thank you in advance!

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