[Ambassadors] Call for tester/feedback on fedocal

Pierre-Yves Chibon pingou at pingoured.fr
Fri Jan 11 20:16:51 UTC 2013

On Fri, 2013-01-11 at 20:24 +0100, Zoltan Hoppar wrote:
> - Pushing immediate reminders (nudge) with fedmsg
> - Further filtering based on events, or trac tickets.
> - Colouring on filtered list

For these three ideas, I'm not quite sure what you have in mind. Could
you elaborate a bit more ?

> - First direct filtering after login based on region and team
> membership necessary

hm I'm not sure what you mean here. Do note that after login the
timezone changes.
After, it's not because you're not in a group that you do not want to
know when that group is meeting, or am I reading your suggestion

> - Include Holiday markings (and weekends), so with that you can
> prevent collisions, coverings with other meetings

It would mean including national holidays for each and every
nationalities we have in the project, I'm not sure I'm fan of it.

For the week-ends, it should be duable to give them another color
although for most of the community, week-end are actually the working
days ;-)

> - Export possibility from web (save as pdf, ical, etc) - or sync
> online to an local app

iCal is already there

> - Local app on the user machine, that syncs to this web app - able to
> add $meetings, $events to fedlocal (I recommend Geary
> http://yorba.org/geary/, because it behaves as RSS like and it can be
> a nice common UI for mails, reminders, dates, tasks, shedule,
> requests, and more - deeply modular)

Having a CLI or desktop application to interact with fedocal is a nice
idea, but let's keep it for later :)
At the moment:
- add/edit/delete -> website only
- read -> website + any client that uses either the API or the iCal

> - Whenisgood.net like ability for planning - http://whenisgood.net/

The question is for this, do we want it in fedocal or in a stand-alone
application ?

Thanks for all the suggestions :)


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