[Ambassadors] [EMEA] Media, swag and events: small update please?

Jiri Eischmann eischmann at redhat.com
Tue Jan 29 10:59:09 UTC 2013

Kévin Raymond píše v Út 29. 01. 2013 v 11:26 +0100:
> Hi there,
> On behalf of the French community from France, I would like a quick
> update at the current tasks..
> I am not able to attend the weekly meeting, and frankly I am having
> hard time to understand the meeting minutes without reading the whole
> log (and I am not really used to) cause it's full of links, only. (but
> thanks for being there at the meetings!). Oh, and I blame nobody, some
> minutes are clear enough!
> - First of all, Christoph asked me 2 weeks ago our budget needs for
> the Solution Linux event. That would be approx 250€ in transportation
> (train for about 2 contributors). Should I open a Trac ticket for
> that, before the event? More generaly, for any event, should we fill a
> budget request 2 months before? 3?

Well, the process has changed quite a lot. Now, we're doing budgets for
the whole fiscal year that go to the FPL who approves them. That means
all significant expenses have to be planned prior the fiscal year. I'm
not saying that it will be impossible to get funding for something that
is not the budget, but it will be more difficult because it's money we
haven't asked for.
I added the €250 for Solution Linux to the budget. I may add something
more, but it's really very late. We've been working on that for several
months already and the deadline for all regions was yesterday. I'm about
to send the final budget draft to the  FPL. 

> - Then, what about F18 media? I haven't read any news for months now,
> haven't seen any quantity request... What is going on? I am sure that
> I missed that, and I feel sorry about that. I feel also sorry about
> our community as I am sure they were counting on me...
> - What about swag? We spoke about many things at past FUDCon, and
> there where some mugs, caps... Do EMEA ordered some?

Please check the emea swag inventory, it's fairly updated and it will
give you answers to your questions:

F18 media have been ordered and they will arrive tomorrow. We ordered
4000 multidesktop live DVDs. They're a bit delayed because of issues
with UEFI/SecureBoot which is also a reason why we don't produce any
install DVDs because we haven't been able to make them UEFI compatible.

> Is there any hot topics that I missed?

The hottest topic IMHO is the budget planning I explained above. Nothing
else very important that I'm aware of.


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