[fedora-arm] F14 qemu arm default board

Gordan Bobic gordan at bobich.net
Thu Dec 30 16:51:14 UTC 2010

Chris Tyler wrote:

>> *since we don't seem to support kickstart, and we don't have an  
>> installer, you can really only import in an existing image. But hey it  
>> is better then what we had!
> The concept of an "installer" in ARM land is pretty limited. There is a
> graphical installer for Sheeva/Guruplugs, but it's primarily a tool for
> installing a kernel and prebuilt rootfs (it would be hard to package for
> Fedora, too, since it contains an entire prebuilt Linux image for use
> during bootstrapping, and building that from source would be Big).

Sheeva can get a kernel image to boot via TFTP, so making an "installer" 
kickstart a base image shouldn't be too difficult. the problem is 
booting the installer in the first place.

Having said that - it would be much, much more efficient if the 
Fedora/RH installer installed the minimum build from a single tar ball 
(i.e. the rootfs). The extra disk I/O required by maintaining the RPM 
database at every step really slows things down on cheap flash, not to 
mention that it wastes an awful lot of life of a SD/CF card with all 
those small writes. Installing a gig of packages onto an SD card on the 
Sheeva can take literally hours. The only way I have managed to make 
this sort of thing bearable is by LD_PRELOAD=libeatmydata.so before I 
run yum.


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