koji using krb - having problems

steve.webb at beatport.com steve.webb at beatport.com
Fri Dec 17 00:14:29 UTC 2010

Hello there.

I'm having some problems running koji using kerberos authentication.

I've verified that I have standard kerberos authentication from the 
machine.  I've followed the 
http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Koji/ServerHowTo howto document and I'm up 
to the point where I'm trying to use the koji cli to create a user and I'm 

The end of my koji-hub/hub.conf file looks like this:

AuthPrincipal host/bpbuild001.co0.nar.beatportcorp.net
AuthKeytab /etc/koji.keytab
ProxyPrincipals koji/bpbuild001.co0.nar.beatportcorp.net
HostPrincipalFormat compile/bpbuild001.co0.nar.beatportcorp.net

[root at bpbuild001 etc]# koji --authtype=kerberos add-user kojira
Kerberos authentication failed: No credentials cache found (-1765328189)
[root at bpbuild001 etc]# koji add-user kojira
Unable to log in, no authentication methods available

The document doesn't have any methods to verify/debug that I've gotten the 
krb configs correct..  Is there a way to debug that I've done the krb 
configs properly?

- Steve Webb

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