Local koji setup: Canceled build. Yum exits with return code 1

Aditya Patawari aditya at adityapatawari.com
Tue Jul 12 04:29:55 UTC 2011

> Attached is Koji Web's watchlogs output of the task in question. Any
> ideas as to what might be going wrong? BTW: Koji Web shows the build
> with state "canceled".
This is the issue from mock_output.log:

ERROR: Command failed:
 # ['/usr/bin/yum', '--installroot',
'/var/lib/mock/dist-f15-build-21-272/root/', 'groupinstall', 'build',
Ignored option -c (probably due to merging -yc != -y -c)

Are you sure that you merged your repos correctly? Try regenerating
it. Check out [1] if you don't know how to do that. Also make sure
that you have relevant packages added in your build group. In my
experience, most of the mock errors occur because something goes
missing in build group.

[1]: http://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Koji/ExternalRepoServerBootstrap#Regenerating_your_repo

Aditya Patawari

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