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To : Sankarshan
Yes a team in our college is involved in a gedit+l10n project. A lot of
enthusiasts are there too. As you are on CoFSUG then you must be aware of
the FOSS culture here. I had a meeting yesterday with a couple of students
who were keenly interested in having a Fedora event in the college and asked
me how contributions can be made to Open Source and Fedora in general. We
may have a mini event of that sorts here soon. Anyway, as far as my
interactions here with Comp/IT people goes, I believe your suggestions of
the topics for talks are essentially correct and I shall follow your ideas,
but its true nevertheless that Fedora is sidelined here (to some extent) -
even when it provides a good platform like FedoraProject to contribute. (I
feel its the easiest, best and well organized ways of contributing to FOSS).
Oh, we shall be needing your help for that event soon..maybe in a couple of
months. I hope you will oblige us.


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> On Sat, Mar 27, 2010 at 6:38 PM, Suchakra <suchakra at> wrote:
> > Ya, so coming to the point, I agree with Ryan on almost all points
> > stated by him especially the one that local LUGs are dominated by
> > Ubuntu users. Even in my campus, we have just had a local Ubuntu
> > mirror up and working, but people have 2 take fedora discs and ISOs
> > from me physically. The reason is simple - No proper introduction to
> > the other distributions of linux to budding linux users. It makes one
> > believe that Ubuntu is Linux and Linux is Ubuntu. Also in order to
> > increase the fedora footprint, and encouraging technically sound guys
> > (we have lots of them in our college) to contribute to the project, we
> > need to have events and talks, be it on a small scale or large scale.
> Are the students in your college already involved in contributing to
> FOSS ? Instead of sharply focusing on "Fedora" or, "Ubuntu" it might
> be good to begin with pointing to them good upstream participation
> practices. For example, a session that discusses the relevant bits of
> The Open Source Way and, Producing Open Source Software so as to make
> the best bits a part of the story.
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