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You have successfully completed the FPCA. You are now in the 'cla_fpca' group.


On Wed, 18 May 2011 07:26:57 +0800 Tiansworld <tiansworld at gmail.com> wrote:
> Fedora 将用新的 FPCA 代替目前的 CLA 协议。己经加入 Fedora 的贡献人员请登录 FAS,签署新协议。截止日期为 2011 年6月 17 日。如果没有及时签署新协议,会被从要求完成 CLA 的组中(比如大使组、打包组、Fedora People 等)注销。
> 详细完整内容请阅读以下转发邮件。
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>> From: Tom Callaway <tcallawa at redhat.com>
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>> Cc: lwn at lwn.net
>> Subject: IMPORTANT - Fedora Project Contributor Agreement Signing Window Is Open
>> Reply-To: Fedora Infrastructure <infrastructure at lists.fedoraproject.org>
>> Please take a moment and read this brief email, as it is important.
>> Fedora is in the process of retiring our old "Individual Contributor
>> License Agreement" (also known as the ICLA or CLA) and replacing it with
>> the new Fedora Project Contributor Agreement (FPCA).
>> All Fedora contributors with accounts in the Fedora Account System
>> (https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts) who have agreed to the old
>> CLA *MUST* agree to the new FPCA by June 17, 2011 to continue
>> contributing to Fedora.
>> Here is how you do this:
>> 1) Login to the Fedora Account System:
>> https://admin.fedoraproject.org/accounts
>> 2) Once logged in, click on the "My Account" link in the blue box on the
>> left side of the window.
>> 3) On the page that loads, you will see a section labeled "Account
>> Details". Look for the line that says "Contributor Agreement". On that
>> line, you should see a new section that says:
>> "New CLA Not Signed - We need contributors to sign the new Contributor
>> Agreement(Complete it now!)"
>> Click on "Complete it now!" and follow the prompts.
>> *****
>> It is important that Fedora Account holders who have signed the old
>> Fedora CLA sign the new FPCA. We have allotted a window of one month for
>> Fedora contributors to agree to the FPCA. This means that after June 17,
>> 2011, any Fedora Contributors who have not agreed to the FPCA will have
>> their "cla_done" flag set to False. This also means that any groups that
>> they are in which are dependent upon "cla_done", such as "packager",
>> "ambassador", and Fedora People access will be removed.
>> There are a few accounts which are exempt from this, specifically,
>> accounts which are members of the "cla_dell", "cla_intel", and
>> "cla_redhat" groups. If you do not know what these groups are, you are
>> probably not in them. :) Accounts in these groups will not see the "New
>> CLA Not Signed" line on their "My Account" page, and do not need to take
>> any action at this time.
>> Please take a minute and login to FAS to agree to the terms of the FPCA,
>> to avoid loss of access.
>> More information about the FPCA, including the final FPCA text, can be
>> found here:
>> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Legal:Fedora_Project_Contributor_Agreement
>> If you have any additional questions about the FPCA or the re-signing
>> process, please feel free to email me directly at legal at fedoraproject.org.
>> Thanks,
>> Tom Callaway, Fedora Legal
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