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宏羽杜 dongfengweixiao at gmail.com
Sun May 22 00:56:26 UTC 2011

he Appliance Operating System (AOS) is a minimal operating system
definition, containing only the packages necessary to run an appliance. The
AOS is meant to be a base, on which new appliance's can be built on top of
and customized for a specific application. The AOS is described in a
kickstart file and is hosted in the Fedora Spins KickstartPool, this
definition is meant to evolve over time to become a smaller, more usable
base appliance defination. The AOS is designed to work as a virtual machine
or as a traditional locked down bare metal appliance.
应用操作系统 (AOS) 是一个最小的操作系统定义,它只包含了运行一个应用所必需的软件包。AOS
意在成为一个基础,使得新的应用得以建立于其上,同时还可以将其按某个特定应用软件进行定制。AOS 在一个启动文件里描述,它存于 Fedora 定制版的
KickstartPool 里。这样定义意在使其不断演进,进而成为一个较小的、更方便使用的基础应用定义。AOS
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