custom (ebs backed) Fedora 14 AMIs

John Poelstra poelstra at
Mon Dec 6 20:18:22 UTC 2010

Brian LaMere said the following on 12/06/2010 11:10 AM Pacific Time:
> The script isn't intending to be "official" - jforbes' AMIs fulfill that
> role.  This is just a working how-to, for those wanting basic starting
> tips on creating their own fedora AMI.  It's actually not worthwhile to
> spend terribly much effort making a good tool out of it; just use
> Boxgrinder or such if you want a real tool ;)  I believe boxgrinder is
> moving along the "official" path already.
> Currently (and temporarily) the published AMIs are only S3-backed; some
> of us need EBS-backed instances, so for those who do I reminded everyone
> of that howto, and let them know I re-verified it works.  I have a
> happy, never-ran-prior-to-use, AMI for Fedora14 with an EBS the size I
> declare.

My point is that going forward "jforbes' AMIs" should be produced by 
Release Engineering not that you're doing something wrong.


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