OpenStack status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Tue Dec 6 17:08:12 UTC 2011


  * Matt Domsch proposed an OpenStack hackfest at FUDCon Blacksburg:

    If you're planning on going to FUDCon, please come along to the 

  * Russell Bryant switched Nova to MySQL by default and added a really 
    sweet helper script for setting up the DB: 

    And we're discussing whether to also switch all the other services 
    over to MySQL by default.

  * Cole Robinson posted his notes on getting Horizon working:

    The main issue seems to be getting keystone integration working, 
    with is becoming a common theme for a lot of us.

  * Thankfully, Alan Pevec is working on figuring out how to get 
    keystone integration working with all of the various services and
    will post instructions soon.

  * Alan has also pushed the latest keystone release (2011.3.1) into 
    testing for F16 and EPEL6:

    Please test and give karma!

  * Pádraig Brady has been making great progress on getting OpenStack 
    working with EPEL6. Everything is now in good enough shape that the 
    core test cases from our previous Test Day now work on EPEL.

    With Toshio, Steve Traylen and Alan Pevec's help, we have 
    python-sqlalchemy0.7, python-webob1.0 and python-nose1.1 in EPEL 

    Pádraig also had to fix a number of issues with python-migrate to 
    make it work okay with sqlalchemy0.7.

    He is looking for karma on:

    Also of interest is his notes on handling multiple versions of 
    Python eggs, which hopefully should be included in the packaging 
    guidelines soon:

  * As part of the EPEL work, Pádraig has posted patches upstream to 
    support the use of libguestfs in Nova:

    This is needed because the RHEL6 kernel doesn't have nbd support, 
    but also just because libguestfs rocks! :)

  * Bob Kukura and Chris Wright have been keeping an eye on packaging 
    related changes happening in Quantum upstream. These changes will 
    all end up in the Essex release:

  * Pete Zaitcev is continuing to test Swift and has just about got 
    over the speed bump that is keystone:

  * Russell Bryant and William Henry have continued making good progress
    on adding a Qpid RPC driver to Nova

  * Angus Salkeld was seeing glance api crashing:

    The underlying issue here, though, turned out to be that the 
    nova-volumes service was failing on startup because the loopback 
    image based nova-volumes LVM volume group wasn't available.

  * I've proposed a new python module for handling CLI options and 
    configuration files upstream, which will hopefully help us unify how
    this works across all OpenStack projects:

  * I've been added to the Nova core team upstream, which is pretty fun:

  * The Open vSwitch kernel module has been posted upstream:

    This means we're one step closer to being able to include OVS into
    Fedora and use it with Quantum. Chris Wright has begun 
    investigating Open vSwitch packaging.


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