Kickstart a Fedora (Anaconda) Install on EC2

Brian LaMere brian at
Wed Feb 2 20:48:19 UTC 2011

> Maybe I'm missing something:  why would you ever want an instance to
> kickstart at boot time?  You should create an image for every role you
> care about and then boot the appropriate one for every instance you
> need.

roles change, updates happen frequently, and I'd rather a machine spin up
with the latest packages.  I've always found that updating a pre-built
machine is slower, sometimes substantially so, than just building a fresh
image with the newest rpms.

That said, some roles can (and often should) be fairly rigid and slow to be
updated.  But there's not much less of a need for flexible, dynamic builds
in the cloud than there is in a local server room; do you build all new
local servers based on a pre-built image that you just replicate?  Would
seem to negate the purpose of a kickstart server ;)

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