Spins SIG meetings starting up again

Bruno Wolff III bruno at wolff.to
Tue Mar 1 15:34:43 UTC 2011

We are going to try to get Spins SIG meetings going again on Mondays at 
20:00 UTC (this may change once DST is in play) in #fedora-meeting-1. If you 
guys are still interested in either having an ISO published or having a ks 
file included in the spin-kickstarts package, it would be good to have someone 
from Cloud SIG attend. While technically this is past the deadline, I think
it is likely that exceptions will be made for spins that have been actively
being developed while Spins SIG was in remission. Having someone join the
spins list (if no one currently is) to keep an eye on updated information
would also be a good idea.

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