OpenStack packaging progress

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Fri Sep 9 15:58:08 UTC 2011


This week:

  * Robyn submitted the F16 feature for consideration at the next FESCo 

  * Maksim Lvov and Alexander Sakhnov, who did the initial Fedora 
    packaging work, joined as co-maintainers of Nova and Glance

  * I made more progress on iptables integration and have a couple of 
    patches queued upstream

  * I did some SELinux testing and things aren't in terrible shape. I 
    reported some Glance and Nova denials and mgrepl has push some fixes
    for Glance:

  * Glance and Nova updates have been pushed to testing and need karma:

    It'd be awesome if someone could run through the getting started 
    guide with these packages and give them some love

  * The testing repo I had on fedorapeople is now empty because 
    everything that was in it is now in Fedora

  * I added some notes on how to run the Nova smoke tests to the wiki:

  * I'd really like to see nova-adminclient and tempo packaged soon:

    The former is needed for the smoke tests. The latter will be 
    required by Nova in the Essex release.

  * I've uncovered a bunch of Nova issues and filed bugs for them:

      Use tgtadm from scsi-target-utils instead of ietadm

      IPv6/dnsmasq issue

      Associating a public IP succeeds, except it doesn't

      "database is locked" errors while starting an instance


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