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Denis Arnaud denis.arnaud_fedora at
Tue Jan 3 14:03:48 UTC 2012

Dear Jaime,

We're a few weeks away from F17 features submission deadline and we've been
> working hard (especially Shaw Starr - CC) in submitting OpenNebula package
> dependencies. OpenNebula would even work without those not yet complete
> dependencies since they're mostly ruby gems which speed up OpenNebula
> (although we're confident they will all be there for the submission
> deadline), so we would like to move on to the next stage and start
> submitting OpenNebula for feature review to get it approved. Could anyone
> help us out with the process we must follow to get OpenNebula to be an
> accepted feature?

AFAIU, you can submit the feature for approval by Fesco. There should be a
Fesco meeting tonight, I believe. As a reminder, the feature process is
described on the Fedora Wiki:
In particular, the acceptance criteria ( seem all be met
by OpenNebula.
All the tasks of the feature are not required to be completed for the
feature approval. Rather, they need to be completed for the Fedora 17
freeze (which will come shortly).

So, regarding the acceptance process, the only thing you have to do *for now
* (, is:
"1. The Feature Owner adds the feature page to
adding the following text to the bottom of their feature page:
*--it is already in the feature

Note that you can also refer to the features submitted by similar projects:
OpenStack (, (, Sheepdog ( and HekaFS ( for Fedora 16, as well as
BoxGrinder ( for Fedora

Does it seem clearer?

Best regards

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