OpenStack status

Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Tue Jan 10 15:42:15 UTC 2012

 - FUDCon Blacksburg is a short few days away:

   Rumours abound of an OpenStack talk, an OpenStack hackfest, some
   upstream OpenStack developers attending and more! Those of us not
   lucky enough to be going look forward to hearing all about it :-)

 - A proposed schedule for the "Open Source Virtualization and Cloud"
   devroom at FOSDEM has been announced:

   A bunch of Fedora and OpenStack folks are going to be attending.

 - Russell reserved a date for the Fedora 17 OpenStack Test Day:

   Preparations for the test day are in their early stages. Russell
   hopes we can significantly expand the set of test cases by the time
   the day comes around.

 - Rich wrote up a feature page covering the OpenStack F-17/Essex 

 - Pádraig added a feature page for libguestfs support in OpenStack:

   and it was approved by FESCo:

   He already got the patches to add this support included upstream:

 - Russell, with the help of William Henry, has been working on adding
   Qpid support to OpenStack. He has created a Fedora feature page for
   it here:

   The upstream blueprint is here:

   Slightly related, Russell also got a patch upstream which avoids
   kombu being a required dependency for glance:

 - Mark backported a bunch more fixes upstream from Nova and Glance's
   master branch to stable/diablo and then rebased the Fedora packages
   to include these fixes:

   The nova update also fixes this serious issue with Nova volumes:

   Please to be testing these packages and giving them karma.

 - Some EPEL updates are in need of karma in epel-testing:

   And a couple of others have been pushed to stable recently:

   Finally, to recap, here are the set of OpenStack related already in 

 - Bob has started looking at Melange, how it interacts with Quantum and
   getting ready to package it for Fedora 17 Essex. One stumbling block
   is that Melange currently depends on openstack-common, which hasn't
   yet had a release.

 - Chris has been working on Open vSwitch packaging for Fedora and sent
   a bunch of cleanups upstream:

 - GlusterFS folks are working on an "object storage plugin" for Swift:

   This involves a fairly invasive non-upstream set of changes to Swift
   to add a plugin mechanism. Figuring out a way for upstream to support
   plugins like this will be crucial to the sustainability of this
   feature and our ability to include it in Fedora.

 - There is talk upstream of a CloudAudit (
   implementation being proposed for OpenStack:

 - Discussions kicked off again around the formation of the OpenStack 
   Foundation. These mails give a good sense of the current status:

 - Mark has been working on getting a plan agreed for the
   openstack-common project:

   It will be based on Jason Kölker's repository, but with much of the
   current API set removed until it is solid enough to commit to 
   maintaining compatibility for it:

 - Mark is getting ready to release Nova and Glance updates (i.e.
   2011.3.1) from the upstream stable/diablo branch:

   The branches have roughly 80 and 20 fixes respectively since the
   diablo release in September.

 - Cole finally slogged his way through the gnarly issues he was having
   with Horizon and got it working end-to-end. He plans on continuing
   with Horizon packaging adding it as a F-17 Feature.

 - Russell added --yes, --rootpw and --novapw options to

 - Russell has come up with a Plan(tm) for including newer python-xattr
   in Fedora:

 - Steven Dake raised an interesting issue with networking hangs with a 
   bridge that hasn't got a physical NIC enslaved to it:

   Alan Pevec pointed out the approach taken by libvirt to resolve this,
   which may also be appropriate for Nova:;a=commit;h=5754dbd

 - Pete Zaitcev packaged git-review, which is used by OpenStack
   developers to submit patches upstream:

 - Eoghan Glynn (of rhevm-api fame :-) has started poking at Glance,
   starting with the annoying issue of Glance PasteDeploy configuration
   being in the same files as user configuration:

 - Pádraig has been working on updating some of the Fedora/EPEL relevant
   upstream wiki pages:

 - Dan Berrange shared his interesting plans to propose the use of
   libvirt-gconfig for Nova's libvirt XML generation:

 - Rich proposed some patches to libguestfs to better support
   OpenStack's use case:

   Rich and Matt clashed over the patches, eventually resolving their
   differences with sticks and knives. Well, not really, but it's an
   interesting thread :-)

 - Boris Filippov (of Grid Dynamics) posted some Nova patches for
   inclusion in the Fedora patches. After a little discussion, it was
   agreed that it was more appropriate to send them upstream:

   Boris posted two of the patches to launchpad:

   and also to gerrit:

   but it looks like both patches were already fixed in master.

 - Saggi Mizrahi reported this glance dependency issue:

   and Pádraig fixed it.

 - Ilkka Tengvall reported this issue with nova user creation:

   and (again) Pádraig fixed it.

 - Russell add a LICENSE file and man pages to the glance tarball
   upstream. These were issues identified during the glance Fedora
   package review:

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