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Mark McLoughlin markmc at
Wed Jan 25 22:48:38 UTC 2012

(I can't decide which is worse - talking about myself in the first or
third person in these updates)


 - FUDCon Blacksburg was a great success and OpenStack was represented 
   by an "Introduction to OpenStack" session by Dan Prince and Russell 

   Russell and Matt Domsch also had an OpenStack packaging hackfest 
   where they packaged python-nova-adminclient and openstack-tempo:
       Review Request: python-nova-adminclient - Nova administration Python API
       Review Request: openstack-tempo - OpenStack RESTful API to cron

 - A massive posse of Red Hat and Fedora folks are going along to 
   FOSDEM (Brussels, Feb 4-5). In particular a bunch of upstream and 
   Fedora OpenStack hackers are going to be around in the "Cloud and
   Virt Dev Room":

   Most notably, Pádraig is doing a demo on pacemaker-cloud and 
   OpenStack and has documented the whole thing here:

 - The Horizon, Quantum, Qpid and libguestfs Fedora 17 features have 
   all been approved by FESCo:

 - Mark joined the upstream release team and proposed releasing a 
   bugfix update for Diablo Nova and Glance:

   The release was announced on 2012-01-20:

    and the list of bugs fixed (91 in total!) can be seen here:

    Both are available in F16 updates-testing:

    The Nova update includes a fix for a small regression in 2011.3.1:
        nova update has incompatibility with deltacloud

    Thanks to Pádraig and Steven Dake for finding and fixing that 
    regression so quickly!

 - Cole has been making great progress on getting Horizon into shape 
   for Fedora 17. You can see some of the details in this thread:

   Part of this effort involves finishing off the openstackx removal:

   and, to that end, Cole has sent a bunch of patches upstream 
   including: (nova)
        Add an API extension for creating+deleting flavors (novaclient)
        Add flavor create/delete support (novaclient)
        Add a 'usage' module and 'usage-list' cli command

 - Russell's patch to support Qpid was merged in the nick of time for 
   the essex-3 milestone release:

   If you read through the gerrit review page, it's a good example of 
   the trials and tribulations involved with getting a patch merged - 
   what with trouble makers (like me :) suggesting that the patch be
   re-factored, the gating tests randomly failing on the CI server,
   someone else merging a patch which conflicts with yours and you
   accidentally breaking the unit tests when making changes requested
   by reviewers ... phew, it's quite an effort!

   Interestingly, another developer is working on adding support for
   ZeroMQ to Essex:

   OpenStack users will have no shortage of messaging system choices!

 - Russell has packaged python-xattr:
       Review Request: python-xattr - Python wrapper for extended file-system attributes

   which is needed by Glance's image caching code:
       Get correct version of python-xattr included in Fedora for glance image caching

   However, Russell and Pádraig came to the conclusion that it may make 
   more sense to just make Glance use the xattr library already in
   Fedora, since this is what Swift uses. Russell went ahead and got a 
   patch upstream for this:

 - Russell has joined the OpenStack Vulnerability Management Team to
   help with the work involved in the responsible disclosure of
   OpenStack vulnerabilities:

   Russell previously helped with Asterisk security advisories which, by
   all accounts, were very well managed.

   So far, OpenStack and Fedora have been doing a good job establishing
   a process for coordinating disclosures. These have been made public
   so far: (13-12-2011) (11-01-2012)

 - Devstack is a tool which upstream OpenStack developers use for their 
   development environment - i.e. it makes it easy to run the various
   OpenStack services together from your git checkouts. However, it 
   currently only runs on Ubuntu.

   Luckily, some folks from Yahoo! have started work on a new version 
   of devstack which will support multiple distributions:
   Alan Pevec is working on getting this working on Fedora. This would 
   be really awesome, because it would mean that OpenStack developers 
   working on Fedora would have the same development environment as
   OpenStack developers working on Ubuntu.

   Pádraig has been helping the devstack2 developers figure out the 
   dependency set for running this on EPEL6:

 - On a similar note, Derek Higgins has been working on having 
   Smokestack support running tests on Fedora machines. Currently 
   Smokestack runs tests on Ubuntu machines deployed using Chef, but 
   Derek has some proof-of-concept patches to do the same thing with 
   Fedora machines deployed using Puppet. More on this soon!

 - Derek also posted some nice changes for openstack-nova-db-setup:

 - Eoghan Glynn has been doing a rocking job of helping get Glance into 
   good shape for the essex-3 milestone release and has had a bunch of 
   patches merged:,owner:eglynn+project:openstack/glance,n,z

   One interesting issue that his patches threw up is the problem of 
   coordinating changes which require a corresponding change in 
   devstack. Because the patch can't be merged until devstack is 
   changed and devstack can't be changed until the patch is merged, we 
   end up with a chicken-and-egg situation. The saga is discussed here:

   In other Glance news, Pete Zaitcev reported this bug:

   which Mark promptly fixed.

 - Alan has pushed some a Swift 1.4.4 update to rawhide and EPEL6:

 - Alan has also proposed a minimal "virtualization host" comps group
   for Fedora 17. This would be useful for OpenStack because it would
   represent the set of packages (apart from the OpenStack packages
   themselves) required for an OpenStack compute node:

 - Quantum looks like it may gain an interesting feature in Essex - a 
   "linux bridge plugin" which would allow folks to test Quantum
   without using OpenvSwitch:


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