NOZEROCONF=yes needs te be set in OpenStack instance image.

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Mon Jun 10 14:46:08 UTC 2013

On Sun, Jun 09, 2013 at 07:49:28AM -0400, Etsuji Nakai wrote:
> Your Fedora18 cloud image in
> is referred as a sample image in RDO document
> ( But it has a problem
> that it cannot access the meta-data in OpenStack environment because
> NOZEROCONF=yes is not set in /etc/sysconfing/network. In OpenStack
> environment, meta-data is accessed via and it
> should be routed to the external gateway.

Yeah, I can set that. Are you doing something that adds the avahi packages
to the image and it's not working then? I ask because these images have been
tested/used in OpenStack and the metadata service at that address works --
no one else has mentioned it as a problem.

That said, I agree that it *should* be set.

> Can you update the image with "NOZEROCONF=yes"?

I'll push the change to the in-development F19 images now, and to the F18
images in a bit.

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