Starting the Talking Points for F22

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Wed Apr 15 00:07:59 UTC 2015

On Tue, Apr 14, 2015 at 03:26:36PM -0700, M. Edward (Ed) Borasky wrote:
> 1. *Fedora* Atomic host and its release media / disk images / Vagrant boxes


> 2. Fedora 22 Docker image (which right now is a tarball and not
> available on Docker Hub)

There *is* an official docker image on the hub, at
<>. F22 will go there when
it is released. As I understand it, they didn't want it filled up with
alha and beta images.

> 3. fedora-dockerfiles package

Plus, layered images built from these on top of the base image. Those
are available in the Docker Hub too (,
and possibly on a Fedora-run registry at some point.

> Personally, I'd make the Docker image on Docker Hub a final release
> blocker, document the workflow for fedora-dockerfiles and Docker image
> extensively as part of Workstation, which is indeed at least half of
> how I spend my time on Workstation. I'd be happy to contribute what I
> can from the OSJourno project.

More documentation for that would be _very_ welcome.

> I think the "pivot" moving Atomic out of the Fedora process is a
> problem for developers, but given how fast Docker and Kubernetes are
> moving it's unavoidable. My Atomic use case will be well-served by the
> upcoming CentOS effort to make a CentOS Atomic that tracks RHEL
> Atomic.

As with CentOS itself, the development path will be from this
updated-every-two-weeks Fedora Atomic to its slower-moving downstreams,
but as I understand the plan, on a _much_ faster timeframe. So, it's
great to be involved at both levels.

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