Testing Docker images (and possibly other cloud images) in CentOS CI

Scott Collier emailscottcollier at gmail.com
Thu Jul 2 17:22:54 UTC 2015

On 07/02/2015 09:42 AM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> At Summit, I talked briefly to Karanbir Singh from CentOS. CentOS has a
> Jenkins system with a lot of hardware behind it (https://ci.centos.org/),
> and they run all of their layered image builds* through that. KB
> offered to run their tests on any images Fedora produces. That seems
> cool, but I'm not sure how we could best take advantage of this. How
> could we integrate such tests into our processes?
> As a first step, does anyone have a problem with saying to CentOS,
> "Cool! Start running those tests! Thanks!" — even if we don't know what
> exactly what we're going to do with any results?

No problem at all.  This is great news and I've brought up the need for 
this many times in the past.  Excellent.  Thanks for driving this.

> I'm imagining that
> once we get to $futurephase of the build service plan, layered images
> will go through Bodhi just like RPMs, and at that point, this feedback
> could be hooked in there. In the meantime, packagers of layered images
> could simply be told to look manually.

AIUI, this all goes through the Fedora-Dockerfiles repo.  I don't know 
what this would look like, but I'm envisioning the CentOS Jenkins system 
pulling in this repo, and then running x scripts to confirm things are 
working, based on some trigger.  At that point, maybe it sends an email 
out to a list for pass / fail?  Which list? These are details we will 
work out.

> The tests themselves, as I understand it, are documented at
> <http://wiki.centos.org/QaWiki/AutomatedTests/WritingTests/t_functional>,
> by the way, including contribution information.

I'll have a look at this.  It would be good to have others look at it 
too.  We can coordinate this effort on the next cloud-sig meeting?

> * See change proposal for a layered image build service for Fedora —
> actually testing images which are produced is a next step specifically
> listed as out of scope for the change itself.
> <https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Changes/Layered_Docker_Image_Build_Service>
I'm curious how this will work.  After reading this, I found this statement:

"This Change does not include running a Fedora container registry. 
Although we might want to do so in the future, this should not be a 
blocker. Container images will be a) delivered to the upstream Docker 
Hub and b) put on the Fedora FTP/HTTP mirror network."

What I'm focusing on is the statement for "a".  This would break the 
docker trusted builds for Fedora the way they are currently structured.


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