PRD Update (Review needed)

Dusty Mabe dusty at
Fri Jun 19 04:11:57 UTC 2015

On Thu, Jun 18, 2015 at 05:35:15PM -0600, Mike Ruckman wrote:
> Hey fellow cloudies!
> I've updated the PRD [0] with the discussion points from the Talk
> [1] page. I think I got everything in there where people had it in mind.
> Please take a look at the PRD and edit it or leave more feedback on the
> Talk page.
> The Council is wanting this submitted for their review ASAP - so I'll be
> submitting this as our F23 PRD at 1800 UTC tomorrow. They meet on Monday
> to go over it. Please let me know if I missed anything!
> Thanks!
> [0]
> [1]

Do we test against CloudStack or OpenNebula? This might need updating:

"Users will be able to download appropriate images for Apache
CloudStack, Eucalyptus, OpenStack, OpenNebula, and other IaaS

Does Docker really require libvirt? I'm not sure about this statement:

"Docker itself is small, but infrastructure to support it includes
Libvirt, which is not small."

Some of the Requirements look like they might be a little outdated as
in maybe we already did some of them? Like "Automatic Production and
Upload of Images" ?

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