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Matthew Miller mattdm at
Tue Mar 10 18:53:14 UTC 2015

On Mon, Mar 09, 2015 at 01:17:44PM -0400, Colin Walters wrote:
> Keep in mind that the original vision for Atomic was *not* to be a
> distribution itself - merely technology that
> flows-into/is-consumed-by the 3 distribution family. So when we're
> talking about "release process for Atomic", that question is
> necessarily distribution specific, although the ideal is that they
> share code.
> Now for Fedora 22, we're trying to expand the scope:

So, I'm wondering if for F22 (or F23, if we feel like that ship is out
in the harbor losing sight of land already), we want to do one of two

A. Move Atomic out of the Cloud Edition, and treat it as a spin, with a
   home at "" (not currently valid),
   similar to — with its own design, theming,

   Here, the Cloud WG / Cloud SIG would focus more on cloud/virt-guest
   issues, and possible also cloud infrastructure (openstack,
   eucalyptus, etc., which we have kind of let fall to the wayside).
   The Cloud Base image would be the primary Fedora Edition, and Fedora
   Atomic would be more ... stand-alone.

B. The other way around: double down on Atomic as the primary thing the
   Cloud WG releases as the Fedora cloud product. Here, the focus would be
   more on containers as the basis for the future of "cattle-style"
   scale-out computing, and Atomic as Fedora's cool solution for that.
   The Cloud Base image would be the one changed into a spin — after
   all, going back to the Lego metaphor for the Fedora editions, the
   products are supposed to be focused on "batteries included"
   solutions, and while an awesome building block, the minimal base
   doesn't quite do that.

C. Nah, keep doing the two different things and present in parallel, as
   we've been doing.

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