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solved (at least a try)


just change the png/svg for the sources

2009/8/7 Jayme Ayres <jayme at jaymeayres.com>:
> 2009/8/6 Máirín Duffy <mairin at linuxgrrl.com>:
>> On Thu, 2009-08-06 at 14:51 -0300, Jayme Ayres wrote:
>>> When did the proposal, not thought in a discussion to address many
>>> issues, such as referring the "Great Waves ... ' of Kanagawa or even
>>> religious issues that I read here on the list.
>> Most of the art work we've done as a team has been interpreted in ways I
>> think were never intended (and sometimes I think interpreted in crazily
>> unexpected ways), even works that had no strong concept underlying them.
>> I think that's why it's important to seek out critique, for us to
>> discuss how the artwork is interpreted by others and use that feedback
>> to tweak the design to send the message we really wanted to send with it
>> (or at least, avoid a message we know we do not want to send about
>> Fedora! :) ) I can give you example after example of this - how the
>> Fedora 8 infinity lines look like the Atari logo, how a starburst in one
>> person's proposal a while back reminded people of the oppression of the
>> Japanese empire during WWII, the sulphur looking like poo (well it did
>> and I'm glad we dropped it :)), there were a few pieces that triggered a
>> very strong religious interpretation from some folks I don't remember
>> the specifics of.
> If we look, all the arts have a concept that will send anything (bad
> or good). And when we're working with many users it gives more room
> for numerous interpretations, saying that this or that refers to any
> matter religious, political or any other subject that generates some
> kind of flame.
>> I think it's important to get an idea of how works will be interpreted
>> by Fedora users because they are our ultimate consumers. Even if we
>> don't agree with the interpretation or don't think their reaction makes
>> sense, we do need to acknowledge it. It's our choice to live with people
>> interpreting it that way or if we want to adjust the work to change the
>> interpretation.
>>> I based the name and
>>> made an explicit reference to the code, pasting other elements (such
>>> as the engraving of Doré) to give an air of superiority to the statue
>>> and a texture of concrete to harmonize the art.
>>> Different from when I proposed an art involving the Tower of
>>> Constantine that was mentioned subjectively applied with some effects
>>> which referred the technology.
>>> I know that there is no common consensus in the use of the Statue of
>>> art, perhaps, because I do not follow the original idea was to do
>>> something with the theme "mosaic", using a collage of photos may look
>>> a little "démodé" but for me is I can work and provide, as I have the
>>> gift of making illustrations.
>>> The arguments that I have to use this art are little because I am
>>> thinking more artistically than functionally, and even think that
>>> artistically I said here that "art is subjective and is easy to
>>> conceptualize a work of art or art done for a distribution.
>>> These are my thoughts and I believe that the decision taken by this
>>> team will be better for everyone.
>> I'm having a little trouble understanding your meaning here, probably
>> because of language issues, but I really really hope I haven't
>> discouraged you at all, like many people have said, it is a really
>> beautiful wallpaper. I would just like to see it pushed a little bit
>> more conceptually. Art is definitely subjective, but so is any
>> communication. I think maybe in art maybe you cannot control people's
>> taste and whether or not something really appeals to someone in a deep
>> way, but as a form of communication you do have some control over the
>> message that it sends irregardless if someone subjectively likes it or
>> not.
> I think my arguments end up here, and as I told the Desing Team know
> what is best.
>> ~m
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