[Design-team] Fedora 12 Design Schedule

John Poelstra poelstra at redhat.com
Sun Jul 12 20:33:44 UTC 2009

Hi Everyone,

Thanks to Paul and Máirín for taking time out of their schedule to meet 
on Friday using Fedora Talk and Gobby.  I think we've got a pretty solid 
schedule now, though there are sure to be a few last goofs to fix.  So 
if you see any let me know.

Some of the key ideas for the planning and schedule for this release are 
to focus on the importance of the wallpaper and iteratively improve 
it.... making sure it is in the alpha and then releasing updated 
packaged versions in rawhide each week.  In addition to releasing new 
versions Máirín thought it would help get the word out if people blog 
about the updated wallpaper each week.  So after each of the wallpaper 
refreshes there is a also a separate task for blogging.

I had to remove the individual entries for EACH splash screen.  It got 
too unwieldy when we added an extra iteration for the splashes.  Does 
the design team have a place on their wiki where the keep SOPs or lists 
of standard work items for each release?  I'd be glad to put them there 
for you.  I would also suggest that you create tickets for each of these 
splash screens so there are clear work items interested people can work on.

For ease of reference here is the list:
Fullscreen splash for syslinux
Fullscreen grub splash
kdm login screen theme
Square splash for anaconda and firstboot
gnome splash screen
kde splash screen
gnome screensaver lock dialog
Anaconda horizontal header
Firstboot vertical header
Start Alpha Freeze
Software String Freeze
Create Alpha Website Banner
Alpha Release Readiness Meeting
Alpha Public Availability
Package Splash Screens

I also noticed that comparing this schedule to Fedora 11 the time frame 
is a little tighter.  For Fedora 12, splash screens are not targeted for 
completion until the Beta release (previously known as "Preview 
Release").  I believe the intention here is to target the splashes a 
little later when hopefully the wallpaper is almost frozen so that 
splashes don't have to be reworked multiple times.

Here is the latest version of the design schedule:

Often it is easier to get a better view of the flow of tasks by loading 
the iCal version to your favorite calendaring application and browsing 
from there.  It is also a great way to keep reminders handy of important 

NOTE: the iCal file does not contain ALL tasks.  It only shows 
milestones (tasks with duration less than or equal to one day).

I'm here to help.  If there are other tasks or periodic reminders I can 
set up for your team, let me know.


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