[Design-team] Feedback for backgrounds

Nicu Buculei nicu_fedora at nicubunu.ro
Thu Jul 30 06:20:18 UTC 2009

On 07/29/2009 06:32 PM, Steven Moix wrote:
> As Nicu requested on his blog [1], I'm providing my very own personal
> feedback about the wallpapers displayed on [2]. I'll give my top 5 (in
> no particular order) with comments:

Thanks Steven for starting the ball rolling on this. There is also some 
(not much, I am not that popular) feedback gathering on my blog comments:

> * Tatica's "four foundations mosaic" has a clean design, not too
> overloaded. It's one of my favourite designs, but it has one flaw: it's
> a great but pretty generic wallpaper when it comes to the Constantine theme.

It is also one of the very few close to what we said is wanted for a 
default: vector format. Still has a less-than-ideal size for tiles (too 
close to the icons size) and my use some "bling".

> * Tatica's "Pruebas" design is great, the buildings take a bit too much
> space but well, it's an alpha design. It fits the Constantine theme very
> well.
> * Samuele's "4Flowers" is clean, simple and beautiful. It should be a
> bit more "Fedora blue" IMO.

But we want the pack of 4 additional wallpapers to bring a breath of 
fresh air, so if it goes there being less blue is not a problem.

> * Nicu/Mo's Underwater mosaic designs are the most generic (in a good
> sense) and best design ideas IMO. They fit an oriental theme, they fit
> the Fedora colours and are not too overloaded.

I was amazed about how Mo modified the photos to an impressive result. 
However, I found the result a bit too blurry and wondered if this is 
because I resized the photos (reduced with and height in half so they 
don't take too much space on the web hosting and can be downloaded 
reasonably, while still having a large resolution).
Then I had to study the GIMP source to find which photos were used 
exactly (wow! intense photomanip there Mo, hats off!). If really big 
(12MP) photos are needed, I have them available.

> * Jayme Ayre's blue Constantine also has a great potential. It fits the
> Fedora colours, it's not too overloaded but it might have a
> political/religious connotation?

I am not worried about the connotations, I just find it too direct but I 
also like the colors a lot.

> I didn't chose most of the other themes for one simple reason: too
> overloaded.

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