[Design-team] Update for Fedora teams: What's happening with the Allegheny class?

Mel Chua mel at redhat.com
Tue Apr 27 15:43:27 UTC 2010

Just checked in with jadudm and updated the #fedora-mktg channel, but 
figured the other two teams (as well as Marketing folks who are not 
in-channel right now) should also know, and that the FS102 students 
should see what's being said about them. ;)

Thank you, as always, for being part of this grand experiment. I'm 
*really* pleased with what we've done and what we've learned so far.


15:46 < mchua> ok - update for folks looking for Allegheny people: this 
week is their last week of class to work on projects, and they're out 
filming video interviews about what they've done so far
15:46 < mchua> they also have a reflection paper that we'll be getting 
which should provide a lot of insight on what the new contrib experience 
is like
15:46 < mchua> so a lot of them are off doing that today
15:46 < mchua> but they have been encouraged to hit the lists and tell 
us how they're winding down their projects
15:47  * mchua hopes this is accurate, will send to mktg list and ask 
jadum and DarrenMiller to correct if needed
15:47 < mchua> so after class today I'll be looking at the status of 
each team's project and seeing what we know and what we've seen from the 
Fedora side of what they've done
15:48 < mchua> and then we can go from there (They might go "oh, we did 
more, here is where you haven't found it yet" or someone else in Fedora 
might go "oh, Mel, you totally missed X")
15:48 < mchua> and thursday is our chance to wind down with 'em
15:48 < mchua> and then... well, we'll have the release
15:48 < mchua> But after that we'll be sure to do a debrief about how 
the class experience went, and how we can do better next time.
15:48  * mchua is, overall, very pleased
15:48 < mchua> (and barely keeping up)
15:49  * mchua --> deliverables!

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