[Design-team] Gnome shell theming plus extension!

Emily Dirsh emily at fightingcrane.com
Wed Aug 4 16:41:04 UTC 2010

Forgot to include the list here... :P

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On Wed, 2010-08-04 at 17:59 +0200, Jef van Schendel wrote:
> That's... excellent!
> Have you contacted the gnome-shell team about this? I'm sure they'd
> love to hear about it and maybe put it on the gnome-shell homepage for
> others.

Thanks Jef! I haven't contacted anyone else about it. Although I would
love to share it with the gnome-shell team (probably the design team).
Liam and I just threw it together last night, and it's pretty rough
right now, so I thought I'd share it here and see if I could get it
tested a bit more. ;) (Honestly, I could see it as the basis of a theme
switcher/selector extension, but that's too ambitious for me atm :))

> If only I could get gnome-shell to work, then I could've tried this
> out... Tried to build it this afternoon but no luck yet. :(
> Jef

I've had trouble building gnome-shell lately as well. Have you tried
installing the gnome-shell package? I found out last night that there is
a package for it in the repos. I'm not sure how recent it is, but it
should be fine for theme testing.

When I get a chance, I'll definitely get in touch with the gnome-shell
team, because I also think we should help with documenting the
gnome-shell theming process. We really need documentation on available
selectors, and what parts of the shell they correspond with; as well as
the non-standard css styles the shell supports. You can figure a good
bit of it out between the included css file and plain trial and error,
but let's only have to do that once ;)


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