[Design-team] 13 Jul 2010 Design team meeting summary

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jul 13 21:16:51 UTC 2010

Thanks everyone for another productive week in Fedora design! 


1 - Fedora 14 Wallpaper Concept


Well, kick ass, we have an awesome wallpaper concept we agreed on last
week! But we've nary heard a peep in feedback on it! Whoops. We didn't
blog it to solicit feedback, nor did we reach out in other venues. Eek. 

To remedy this:
- KyleBaker put together a wiki page to collect feedback:
- Mizmo will write a blog post advertising the new theme selection and
asking for feedback
- Schendje will post to fedoraforum.org and to
users at lists.fedoraproject.org to get feedback
- RyanLerch will post to identi.ca and twitter to get feedback


The Fedora 14 wallpaper's got to be ready-to-go for F14 alpha by July
27. Only a couple of weeks. PLEEEEAAASSSE download the sources
(http://fedorapeople.org/~kybaker/F14_wallpaper/) and have a play with
it - let's iterate and make it more awesome for alpha!


Fabsh is managing the F14 supplemental wallpaper collection. They are
due August 19th. The wiki page to collect submissions is here:


Fabsh will advertise the supplemental wallpaper collection via blog,
twitter/identi.ca, and mailing list starting tomorrow.

2 - New Fedora fonts

We're still testing out Comfortaa and waiting for Johan to change the
license. In the meantime, let's identify any missing glyphs in our
respective languages to point them out.

We talked about Cantarell vs Droid Sans for the body text font. A number
of us agreed we like Cantarell better because it's more unique and
because Dave used FLOSS to create it.

- tomorrow nicubunu will send an email with the codes and info for
missing glyphs (ș and ț)
- nicubunu identified a bug with unsetting bold using Cantarell in
Inkscape. Luya pointed out a workaround - ctrl+shift+T. 
- nicubunu to contact Dave Crossland re missing ș and ț in Cantarell

3 - fedoraproject.org website redesign

Mizmo talked a little bit about the fedoraproject.org redesign. The
schedule for the work is here:

She also posted a couple of mockups for the project:


Schendje expressed interest in helping. Mizmo pointed out two potential
paths to helping out:

* Content review of existing www.fpo content (just static web pages, no
wiki or anything like that)
* Brainstorming / soliciting folks to write articles for www.fpo static

As a result of this discussion:

- Schendje will take up the content review task of www.fpo. This will
involve going through the static content of www.fedoraproject.org,
reviewing it for general correctness / grammatical issues / etc.,
identifying if there is any useful information missing from the existing
content, and soliciting ideas from the community (potentially via blog
and mailing list posts) on what other content might be useful)

- Ryan Lerch will message the Fedora docs list to see if we have any
tutorial content or any folks willing to write tutorial content for the
www.fpo static articles

- mizmo will add netbooks to the www.fpo test plan

- mizmo will do a mockup for a mobile version of www.fpo

- mizmo will do a call for proposals for the new www.fpo content

4 - New Join Fedora Design team page

Michael put together a draft suggestion for improving the design team
join page:


- mizmo will start a thread on the design team list to get Michael more
detailed feedback on the draft.

5 - Tickets

- Pierros is still working on tickets 138 & 139
- Schendje finished ticket 144 (yay!)
- No new tickets this week (ran over time for the meeting)

6 - Marketing interviews

- Nothing new to report yet.

Still open business from last week:

- Mel will ask Matt Jadud, a design professor, on what types of
activities he'd like his students to work on when they help out the
Fedora design team starting in the fall. Based on that, we'll suggest
things they can get involved with.


Full logs/etc:


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