[Design-team] fedora-art.org

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Wed Jul 13 14:56:51 UTC 2011

Hi Larry,

On Wed, 2011-07-13 at 14:10 +0000, Larry Letelier wrote:
> That is the question,
> the site posted by me (jboss.org) is mainteined by jboss community,
> so ... we need something like that, right ?

Our team's priorities right now are:

- Create the wallpaper for each Fedora release (right now we're working
hard on F16)

- Design the user experience for applications in Fedora that need love
(right now anaconda & ABRT)

- Provide design work for other teams in Fedora (marketing, ambassadors,
events, etc. - the Events Ninjas are a big part of this) 

Creating and maintaining a site for Fedora-branded user wallpapers isn't
super high up that list, as you can see. However, I am personally
concerned about the quality of the Fedora-branded wallpapers out there.
Since we don't traditionally put the Fedora logo in our default
wallpapers, there aren't many 'official' Fedora-branded wallpapers. If
you or anyone has the motivation / initiative to take on a
Fedora-branded wallpapers site, in a similar vein to the JBoss community
wallpapers site, you should feel free to join the team and take it on
and us designers can try our best to provide you wallpapers for it.

I would be happy to support such an initiative by providing advice on
the usage of the Fedora logo and seeding the site with a few wallpapers
that are acceptable usages of the Fedora logo. I also have admin access
for publictest04 which is currently being used for our artboard... if
you started a Fedora Hosted project to design the site, I could sync our
public test server to your git repo so you'd have a test site. (Note
that I can't support anything exotic like drupal, but it you did
something python-based using genshi templates as fedoraproject.org is
set up, it wouldn't be an issue. Check out
http://fedoraproject.org/Websites/ShowUs for more.)


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