[Design-team] Meeting Minutes, June 28 (Strategery, F16 wallpapers, Anaconda UX, ABRT)

Máirín Duffy duffy at fedoraproject.org
Tue Jun 28 20:26:49 UTC 2011

Mo Summary:

Want to join/help the design team?
Two ideas from this meeting:

1) Help us advertise our supplemental wallpaper process. Tell folks to
submit photographic wallpapers here:

2) Help us come up with ideas for ransom notes in the Fedora Installer.
Here's an example fake one on the bottom of this screen:

What do you think we should point out new Fedora users towards in these
little banners?

Team 'Strategery' / Structure & Reorganization
We discussed the proposal for restructuring the design team that Mo and
Tatica put together:

Everyone seemed in agreement it was a good way to proceed. This means:

#1 We will only create a new wallpaper with every release. We'll develop
non theme-specific artwork for the various splashes (Anaconda /
firstboot / grub / syslinux) and update them less frequently

#2 We'll make helping other Fedora teams more of a focus

#3 We'll ramp up our involvement in UX design (as we have with Anaconda
and ABRT)

This also means we'll have different leaders appointed to different
positions in the team:

- Fedora 16 default wallpaper wrangler: Maria "Tatica" Leandro
- Fedora 16 supplemental wallpaper wrangler: Patrick "pcon" Connelly
- UX Wrangler: Mo Duffy
   UX Team: Elad & Kirk Bridger & Luya T & Owen C. & Joseph R. (if I
missed you feel free to chime in!) 
- Websites Liasion: Elad 
- Events & Ambassadors Liasions: Buddhika Kurera (bkurera), Vinzenz
Vietzke (vinz), Onyeibo Oku (twohot)
- Ticket Triager: ixxvil

We also have a growing library of howto's for these positions so when
folks want to help out or aren't sure what to do they'll have some


Fedora 16 Supplemental Wallpaper Status
No new submissions yet, we need to do more advertising. pcon will be
reaching out to a couple of other places this week. If you'd like to
help the design team, helping us advertise supplemental wallpapers is a
good task you could take on! Contact pcon for more information.

Kirk received some feedback from the ABRT development team and is moving
forward with more usability assessment work. Kirk will coordinate with
some ideas Elad had. Mizmo also send Kirk a link to some older ABRT UI
work as a point of reference (in case it's helpful) 

Anaconda UX
- Mizmo went through old IRC backlogs and updated the wiki notes page
- Mizmo separated out the huge mockup into separate SVGs, one per
screen. This will make collaboration easier and it will also make it
easier to track the history on each screen:
- Last week we discussed dual boot scenarios. We have a cool idea for
Mac users - we'll make dual boot with BootCamp the default install
method for these users, and we can auto-detect bootcamp partitions to
simplify the install process for these users. If they don't use bootcamp
we can pop up a screen like this:
- The windows dual-boot story is still kind of bleek
- We'll be using grub2 in Fedora 16, so we'll do a grub2 theme. it
should match syslinux, we don't want them to be different. PRevious work
towards cleaning up syslinux:
- We still need ransom note suggestions. If you'd like to get involved
this is a good way to start!
- We are mostly working towards storage & location/timezone/geotracking.
Much of the rest of the UI design is figured out. 

Fedora 16 Default Wallpaper
- deadline for coloring is July 5th
- Tatica has been working on the floating island design. She will add
more detail using MyPaint.
- Mizmo has been working on the icebergs design. see
http://publictest04.fedoraproject.org/artboard/post/view/54 She will try
scaling the sub down. Ixxvil will do a new sub sketch so we can try a
different sub shape / style.
- Everything in 54 in layered, the source link is posted on the artboard
under the picture in the 'source' field

Meeting Time
Elad brought up the idea of starting meetings a bit earlier. Mizmo
started a thread on that.

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